Music festivals and wellness retreats have both long preceed the history of Defected Croatia, however for many years the pair have existed in isolation from one another. As the Croatia festival has developed we have tried to bridge this divide – providing a space for people to release their inhibitions and have fun with their friends, but also find tranquility in the stunning surroundings and focus on their wellbeing.


After starting the mindfulness program at the festival last year, we saw how many of you enjoyed the relaxation element of the festival, as it offered a much welcome dose of calmness after a few nights partying. This year we have our favourite to the program, find out more below…

KaRavan with Pierre Ravan

The core belief behind KaRavan is that partying and wellbeing should not be separated and should be experienced as one single journey. Returning from last years’ event, the two hour experience will combine Heartfulness Meditation and Spiritual House music, a unique concept designed by Pierre. “Heatfulness is all about living by the heart. The purpose of Heartfulness Meditiation is to reconnect to our higher Self within, so as to reveal the infinute potential of the heart,” Pierre explains. The music acts as a bridge to bring party people and spiritual seekers together as one and connect.

By letting go of mental complexities and tuning into our hearts the program offers the chance to find inner balance and calmness. As Pierre describes, “Heartfulness¬†nurtures the qualities of love, unity, peace, harmony, moderation, joy, oneness, intuition, creativity and courage.”

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