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KaRavan is Pierre´s personal concept based on music for all hours and minutes of the day. The concept its based on a Spiritual Journey through Music from a soulful & deeper sound extending to a darker & progressive mood, all in one single journey linking the beginning with the end.

All of Pierre Ravan´s KaRavan compilation albums conveyed the true message of love through his music starting in a daytime stretching to a late night.

After the success of last year KaRavan”Soul Liberation”, Pierre Ravan’s new KaRavan for year 2011 is named: “Evolution”.

The planet is currently changing rapidly. A wide-scale awakening and acceleration of consciousness seems to be taking place. That is however also bringing unresolved issues to the surface and increasing polarization. That will necessarily lead to integration in the long run, and an EVOLUTION into a higher state of consciousness.
The same applies in the new KaRavan of Pierre Ravan with the evolvement in Music but with the same spiritual Elements of House music.

The Compilation will consist 2 CDs to complete the whole journey starting from DEvolution(CD1) where the Music gets a lower part of Evolution with a softer and Deeper approach to evolve to REvolution(CD2) where the whole sound will build to a more Darker and Progressive sound and Techy Spirit to complete the whole Journey.

Release date: Jul, 2011
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