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Welcome to the 10th anniversary edition of “KaRavan”, the unique compilation concept by Pierre Ravan from Dubai.

KaRavan is Pierre’s personal concept based on music for all hours and minutes of the day. The concept is based on a Spiritual Journey through Music from a “Meditative Ambient” sound of Sunrise extending to a “Deeper & Soulful” sound of Sunset stretch to a “Darker & Progressive” sound of Midnight, the total Musical journey for 24 hours, all in one single journey linking the beginning with the end. All of Pierre Ravan’s KaRavan compilation albums conveyed the true message of Love&Unity through his music. This year Pierre Ravan is celebrating the 10th anniversary and edition with taking his musical journey to the next level with Introducing “HEARTFULNESS” way of life with his pure sound.

Release date: May 4th, 2018
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