Human Integration

Welcome to the 3rd edition and session (2008) of KaRavan of Pierre Ravan, that it’s called “Human Integration”.

According to the esoteric standpoint, music is the beginning and the end of the universe. All actions and movements made in the visible and invisible world are musical. That is: they are made up of vibrations pertaining to a certain plane of existence.
The man of science says that the voice comes from the spine, the diaphragm, the abdomen, and the lungs, the mystic says that sound comes from the soul, the heart, and the mind. Music, according to the ancient people, was not a mechanical science or art: music was the first language.
KaRavan is the Spiritual Journey through Music linking the Beginning with the End.
Pierre Ravan is heartily inviting you to join his Journey and Dance from where the SUN (CD1-SunDance) and the MOON (CD2-MoonDance) meet each other.
CD1 starts from more Soulful to Vocal to Deep and Melodic Sounds of the Sun …and  CD2 Takes you to a more Progressive and Tribal sound with a Deep and Dark touch of the Moon… and All with Strong Spiritual Message
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KaRavan of Pierre Ravan Nights are launched worldwide with Special Gigs and Parties and Pierre Ravan is inviting top DJ’s, artists and friends who has played alongside him and supported him all over the world and creates a Spiritual House community that spreads the real message of music – love and unity – which he believes is what House music, was meant for..


CD1 (SunDance)
1. Magnus Wedberg ”I Told You So”
2. Raw Artistic Soul feat. Ursula Rucker “The Light“ Main Mix
3. Brazilian Soul Crew “Brazilian Soul” Can7 & Henri Kohn Mix
4. Ciappy DJ & Pablo feat. Savio Vurchio “I Feel” Raw Artistic Soul Vocal Dub
5. Clarisse Muvemba “Roses” Bangana Remix
6. Simon Grey feat. Robbie Smith “Together“ Dave Storm & Rocco Remix
7. Ethan White & Lisa Shaw “Find The Way”
8. Panevino “The Way I Am” Richard Earnshaw Remix
9. Spin Science “So Smooth” Myth EP
10. From P60 “Sinking With The Fall”
11. Kemal feat. Maiya “My Faith” Stripped Vox Mix
12. Reverend P. & Alex Finkin feat. Jocelyn Mathieu “Fight For Love” Animal House Mix
13. Kyka “She Made Me Do It” Digital Dreams EP
14. The Blak Beatnik “Change”

CD2 (MoonDance)
1. Dakka “Dakka” Louie Vega Remix
2. Luca Ricci presents Ventunesimo Secolo “Tribute To San Francesco d’Assisi” Sultan Remix
3. Medusa feat. Leslie Carter “Medusa” Kemal’s Main Mix
4. Florian Kruse “Can I Have It?”
5. DJ Pippi vs. Willie Graff “Hyper Space” Space Dub Mix
6. Spirit Catcher “Brain Candy” MoHo All Stars feat. Solara “Life Is What You Make it”
7. Christian Durán “Monsta” D-Formation Remix
8. Cytric “Chemical Connection”
9. Taho “Shambhalla“ Wink Interpretation
10. Johnny Dangerous “Only Yourself” Pastaboys Remix

Release date: Mar, 2008
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