CLUBSTAR proudly presents its next big coup. This stunning piece of musical history called “Karavan”.
The concept and intention behind this double-cd is to take you on spiritual journey
through music. The journey starts during the day with disc 1 „Day Journey“,
while disc 2 „Night Journey“ is delivering the soundtrack for the night.
The man behind the project „KaRavan“ is Pierre Ravan from Iran, who is
in the international dj-scene since more than a decade. He is mainly known as one of the first fashion djs and has played all over the world for famous designers like
Paco Rabanne, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Thierry Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier and Elle Magazine and Resident for MAC cosmetics.
Furthermore Pierre has played in clubs like Radost FX in Prague, – Discotheque, Barcelona, Privilege & Space, Ibiza, Ministry Of Sound, London, Kadoc, Albufeira,
1015 Folsom, San Francisco,Space7Opium Garden in Miami  and so on.
Also production wise he has an excellent reputation which is proved with release on Deep Dish’s SCHINICHI label, Bubblesoul Records from Spain and so on.
His debut Release „Pierre Ravan & Safar – The Final Chapter EP“ on our
Conya Label is in the pipeline and is going to be released at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. But back to the CD.

The „Day Journey“ (CD1) of “Karavan” invites you to dream at the beach, but also to frisky dancing in the water. Pierre Ravan features deep songs like „Chillosophy“ by
Dolls Combers (check the album on Little Angel Records!), „Release“ by Ursula Rucker and Louie Vega, DJ Gregory´s Remix of „Eu vou levar“ by Claude Monnet, aswell as Reel People ft. Angela Johnson „In the sun“ in an Osunlade remix.
He mixes these tracks  with current, hypnotic club anthems like „Minina Brasiliera“ by Loco Dice, Kerri Chandler´s „Bar A Thym“ (Foremost Poets Remix) and
Jerome Sydenham´s huge remix of Julien Jabre´s „Swimming Places“.

The „Night Journey“ (CD2) of the „Karavan“ – compilation aims directly to the global, nocturnal dancefloors. Pierre Ravan features driving, hypnotic and spiritual tracks which send the listener on a breathtaking journey. This silver disc contains clubhits and electronic dancemuisc pearls like Quicksound´s „Stop fooling around“,
DJ Chus “World Routes”, Claude Challe “Orgasmus”,, DJ Gregory “Joburg Theme”, Pierre Ravan & Safar “Divine Energy” (Laurent Wolf Remix),
Mano Calda All Stars “Limit”, aswell  as Pierre Ravan´s Debut
on Conya Records: Pierre Ravan & Safar feat. Divasonic “Movin´on”,

KaRavan proves impressively that house music is extremely danceable&Timeless during the day aswell as in the night and that the same musical language is spoken between All around the World.


1.Dolls Combers “Chillosophy”
2.Suroh  “Sentimientos”
3.Ware “Dub Side Influence” (MKL Lion1music Remix)
4.Yass “Râjhas” (Main Mix)
5.Ursula Rucker feat. Louie Vega “Release”
6.Don Carlos feat. Michelle Weeks “Take Me Higher” (Yukihiro Fukutomi Vocal Rmx)
7.Locodice “Minina Brasilera”
8.Claude Monnet presents Monica Nogueira “Eu Vou Levar” (DJ Gregory Dub)
9.Riovolt feat. Ju Cassou “Brisa” (12 Fingers Tokyo Dub)
10. Reel People feat. Angela Johnson “In The Sun” (Yoruba Soul Dub)
11. Kerri Chandler “Bar A Thym” (Foremost Poets Vocal Edit)
12.Julien Jabre “Swimming Places” (Jerome Sydenham Remix)

1.Quicksound “Stop Foolin’ Around”
2.DJ Chus “World Routes” (Original Mix)
3.Fady Ferraye “Psychokinetic Moon” (Dub Mix)
4.Claude Challe “Orgasmus” (Encore Une Fois Mix)
5.Mano Calda All Star “Limit”
6.Claude Monnet presents Monica Nogueira “Bahia Groove” (Pasta Boys Main Mix)
7.Pierre Ravan & Safar feat. Divasonic “Movin On” (Main Dub)
8.DJ Gregory “The Joburg Theme” (Dub du Cerf)
9.Luca Ricci feat. Monica Hernandez “Musica vs El Dinero” (Evolve Dub)
10.Sultan and Tommyboy “Extacy” (Muzzaik Remix)
11.Pierre Ravan and Safar “Divine Energy” (Laurent Wolf Remix)

Release date: Apr, 2006
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