Soul Liberation

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Welcome to the 5th series of “KaRavan”, the unique concept of Pierre Ravan, named “Soul Liberation”.

The concept is based on a Spiritual Journey through Music from a soulful & deeper sound extending to a darker & progressive mood, all in one single journey (in 2 CDs) linking the beginning with the end.

All of Pierre Ravan´s previous KaRavan compilations (Spiritual Dance, Human Integration, Unity…)
conveyed the true message of love through his music starting in a daytime stretching to a late night time.

“A liberated soul knows that he is not the doer. He knows and feels that he is a mere instrument for the higher power. It is this awareness that enables him to be a channel for divine light. A liberated soul does not deal with his own individual will and individual freedom;
he seeks only to be a channel for the Divine Will.”
Pierre Ravan is heartily inviting you all to come and celebrate life and let yourself go with this music where the Soul Journey starts with a Soulful sound in the Day time (CD1) and ends in a Darker environment of Soultek (CD2) till it reaches his final destination.
Spirituality is Joy, Happiness and Bliss because the SOUL is able to expand and get on the way to the Source where it comes from..

Pierre Ravan is one of the first fashion djs in the world and has played in every four corners of the globe for some of the fashion worlds most influential designers. Like Paco Rabanne,
Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Thierry Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier and so on.

Having been on the International dj circuit now for well over a decade, Pierre is a well respected dj, producer and remixer bringing a new aura to the house music scene aswell as a different variety of house music he likes to call “Spiritual House”.
This is the perfect interfusion of his individual emphatic energy, ancient Persian heritage and a feel for the global dance-floor.
He was one of the first DJ/Producer to spread HOUSE MUSIC in the Middleeast and has released productions on labels like “EMI/Capitol”, Deep Dish “SCHINICHI” label and Cassagrande.

CD1, Soulful, features tracks by Hideo Kobayashi from Japan, the anthem “Bittersweet” by New York finest Jay ‘Sinister’ Séalee & Louie Vega featuring the mighty Julie McKnight on vocal duties and
MSRS & Eman`s “Soul Liberation”, which coincidentally has the same name as the cd. -)

Of course Pierre Ravan´s latest single, that he produced with Spin Science “Eyes Should be washed”
is on this silver disc. It was released on the much liked Conya Records label for the Winter Music Conference in Miami and caused massive waves in the house community, including dj plays by
big names like Osunlade, DJ Pippi, Grant Nelson, Behrouz, Hardsoul and many others.

Also Kidcult´s “Paris Jamaica”, which is also on Conya Records is on board, in a fancy Bruno Be remix.
Furthermore the soulful side features Haldo & Morrison´s “When we get up”, Neal Conway´s
“Release The Anger (DJ Spen’s Summer Madness Re-Edit)”, as well as productions by artists like Scope, Tuccillo & Kiko Navarro and Deep Zone´s classic “It’s Gonna Be Alright” in a modern outfit.

CD2, Soultek, unites 13 more spiritual and deep techy house tunes. It features the Rocco Underground Mix of “Each & Every Day (Life Goes On)” by the Jerk House Connection, Satoshi Fumi´s “MH1”,
Hiro´s “Woman Of Colour” in the Torre Bros Mix and X-Press 2´s “Say What!” (Yousef Circus Rework). Steve Lawler´s slamming “Kalimba” track is on the 2nd disc as well as DJ Roland Clark´s “Soul Good”.

All together 25 classy and timeless true house tracks are on Pierre Ravan´s
“KaRavan – Soul Liberation” double compilation.
Enjoy & feel the spirit!
See you all on my Dance floor, no matter if it is night or day!

KaRavan of Pierre Ravan Nights are launched worldwide with Special Gigs and Parties and Pierre Ravan is inviting top DJ’s, artists and friends who has played alongside him and supported him all over the world and creates a Spiritual House community that spreads the real message of music – love and unity – which he believes is what House music, was meant for..

Tracklist KARAVAN “soul liberation” compiled & mixed by Pierre Ravan

CD 1 – Soulful
1. Hideo Kobayashi – Meaningless (Original Mix)
2. Jay ‘Sinister’ Séalee & Louie Vega starring Julie McKnight – Bittersweet’ (Jay’s Main Event)
3. MSRS & Eman Feat Onaje Allen Gumbs – Soul Liberation (Deez Rhode to Freedom Mix)
4. Carlos Sanchez & DJ Ray- Alma De Tribu
5. Pierre Ravan & Spin Science – Eyes Should be Washed (Main Spiritual Vocal Mix)
6. Kidcult – Paris Jamaica (Bruno Be Remix)
7. Yannah Valdevit – City Madness (Atjazz & Domu’s 4 The Summer Mix)
8. Scope – I Want
9. Neal Conway – Release The Anger (DJ Spen’s Summer Madness Re-Edit)
10. Haldo & Morrison – When We Get Up (Original Mix)
11. Tuccillo & Kiko Navarro – Quartetto O’Batalistico (Main Mix)
12. Deep Zone Feat. Ceybil Jefferies – It’s Gonna Be Alright (Help Is On The Way) (Matty’s Dub For Silvio)

CD 2 – Soultek
1. Babak Shayan – Seasons
2. Hamza – Samsara
3. Pascal Morais Feat. Gabriela – Follar Con Coca (Bombay Rush Mix)
4. Marco Fracasso – Xiba Chant (Main Treatment)
5. Jerk House Connection Feat. Akram Sedkaoui – Each & Every Day (Life Goes On)
(Rocco Underground Mix)
6. Satoshi Fumi – MH1 (Original Mix)
7. Marco Del Horno – The Only Way Is Down
8. Formation Soul – The Rhythm Of Life (Original Mix)
9. Hiro – Woman Of Colour (Torre Bros Mix)
10. X-Press 2 – Say What! (Yousef Circus Rework)
11. Marco Del Horno – Samurai (Spiritchaser Remix)
12. Steve Lawler – Kalimba
13. DJ Roland Clark – Soul Good

Release date: Apr, 2010
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