Spiritual Dance

CLUBSTAR proudly presents the second edition of this stunning piece of musical history called “Karavan”.
Pierre Ravan who compiled and mixed this project lives in Dubai, which is currently the hotspot of the dance music scene and the place to be not only for the rich and the beautiful.
But instead of delivering you nonsense mainstream sound the aim of this double album is to take you on a spiritual journey through music. You can feel through the perfect selection and mixing of the various tracks and electronic music styles that the two cds are a result of pure love for the music. Pierre Ravan wants to create sacred space and time for the listeners and dancers, like his ancestors did in the middle eastern traditions. While you let yourself go to the music you can leave the past ahead and the future behind and feel the divine, nature, humans, time and space moving around you.

The journey starts during the day with disc 1 „Light Journey“, while disc 2 „Dark Journey“ is delivering the soundtrack for the night.

CD1of “Karavan” invites you to dream at the beach, but also to frisky dancing in the water. Pierre Ravan features deep songs like Karu´s “High Life Natural”, Jimpster´s “Square up”, “Theo Parrish´s “Falling up” (Carl Craig Remix), “Moscow Traffic” by Luckystars, “World of Love” by Bob Sinclair and many others, CD2 of the „Karavan“– compilation aims directly to the global, nocturnal dancefloors. Pierre Ravan features driving, hypnotic and spiritual tracks which send the listener on a breathtaking journey. This silver disc contains clubhits and electronic dance music pearls like Evanz D´s “Higher Love”, Klement Bonelli´s “Nocturnal”, Abyss´s “Mind Games”, “God is love” (Koki & DM´s Hypnodelic Dub) by DJ Pippi vs Danny Marquez, David Vendetta´s “Unidos para la musica” and Spider & Legaz “Psych”. Also Pierre´s own production featuring Divasonic “Movin on” is on the cd.
KaRavan 2 proves impressively that house music is extremely danceable during the day aswell as in the night and that the same musical language is spoken between Dubai and Europe.
Enjoy the ride and see you at the next stop….


1.Jihad Muhammad “Spiritual Dance“ Additional Voice Pierre Ravan “Peace, Love and Unity“
2. Central Avenue feat. Caterina Rea “We’ve Got Joy” (Richard’s ‘Little Big’ Vocal)
3. Luckystars “Moscow Traffic”
4. Karu “High Life Natural”
5. Jimpster “Square Up” (Original Mix)
6. Jihad Muhammed feat. Chris Dockins “No More War” (Main Mix)
7. Brisa feat. Arcoiris “Release” (Mind Dub Mix)
8. Bob Sinclar feat. Ron Carroll “World Of Love” (Club Mix)
9. David Alvarado “Aire”
10. Theo Parrish “Falling Up” (Carl Craig Remix)
11. Trackheadz “Our Music”

1. Jairus Miller “Restless Soul” (Fady Ferraye Remix)
2. Evanz D “Higher Love” (Original Stomp Mix) Additional Vocals: Bongoloverz feat. Sloane “Under The Ground” (Accapella)
3. DJ Pippi vs Danny Marquez “God Is Love” (Koki & DM’s Hypnodelic Dub)
4. Africanism by Bob Sinclar “Slave Nation“ (Main Mix)
5. Klement Bonelli featuring DragonFly “Nocturnal (Nocturne 2)” (Vocal Mix)
6. Abyss “Mind Games” Add. Vocals: Bob Sinclar ft Ron Carroll “World Of Love”
7. Pierre Ravan & Safar featuring Divasonic “Movin On” (Minimal Instr)
8. David Vendetta feat. Akram “Unidos Para La Musica” (Cosa Nostra Remix)
9. Alex Santer “Hello?”
10. Max Graham “Crank” (Dj Simi & Masterkeys Remix)
11. Spider & Legaz “Psych”

Release date: Apr, 2007
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